Conservation and Restoration of paintings on any manner of support: canvas, wood, parchment. Each piece of art is respected at the highest level. The artist's style and technique is considered and examined before starting a project of conservation. We do only the necessary minimum, to not to interfere in the original structure and "soul" of the object. The Studio undertakes conservation and restoration work as:

Dirt and grim removal, varnish and non-original repaint removal.


The treatment involves introducing a

suitable adhesive that will adhere loose,

cracking, flaking paint to the picture




Structural work 

Structural work includes lining of damaged

canvas, tear mending, lining, the repair of broken wooden panels.


Filling areas of loss to the paint and ground.


Retouching of paint loss and abrasion.


Proper varnish is applied by brush before retouching to create an isolation layer. Final spray varnish is used after conservation to intensify the appearance of pigments on the painting surface and as a protective coating.